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Using the External GraphQL API

Estimated reading: 1 minute

Creating and Installing an API Key for the External GraphQL API

1. Create an API key in the Stemma UI:

a. Navigate to the Admin panel and choose Add API Key:

b. In the pop-up window, enter a name for your API key and click Submit. You can choose any name, but Stemma recommends using a name that describes the intended use of the key (e.g., github action integration):

Stemma generates an API key that appears in the window. Save this key somewhere secure. It is not recoverable.

2. Install a GraphQL Client such as Altair:

(Note: We like using Altair, but any GraphQL client should work.)

3. Add your API key to Altair as an Authorization header.


It must be in the form Bearer <api key> with a space between the word Bearerand your API key.

4. Enter your URL and HTTP method:

  • URL = /graphql
  • HTTP method = POST

Now click Docs in the upper right of the Altair UI; you should see the graphql schema on the right hand side:864