Messaging Users

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Stemma provides a quick and easy way to send messages to specific groups of users on the basis of their relationship to a table (e.g. are they an owner in Stemma, have they queried the table in the prior three months, etc.). If you need to announce a future change, for example, or notify users when significant events occur, such as when a table has been deprecated, you can use Stemma messaging to ensure that the affected users will receive the notification.

🚧 Before you begin – enable email and Slack notifications

If you want to enable Slack notifications, make sure that you have completed the Slack Integration

Notification sources

There are two forms of notifications within Stemma:

  1. Table status changes: you can send a message to affected users when the status is changed, for example from Certified to Deprecated.
  2. Custom messages: You can create your own message and choose which groups of users and teams to send it to.

Table status changes

You can notify the owners of a table when the status changes.

📘 Note

This feature sends a notification to all owners of the resource. If you want to notify other selected user groups, you can use the Message functionality. Learn more about user groups.

Custom messages

You can compose a custom message to users and teams related to a table by clicking the Message button on the top-right corner of the Table detail page.

Select the user groups you want to notify and type your message in the box.

Notification types

There are three types of notifications you can send in Stemma, depending on the receivers and your personal preferences. If a member of a related group is a user, they can receive either email notifications or Slack private messages. If a member of a related group is a team (Slack channel), they will receive a message in Slack.

Slack notifications

After you have completed our Slack Integration, you can send and receive messages from the Stemma bot.

Messages in channels

If a member of a related group is a team, they will receive a message from the Stemma bot in the corresponding Slack channel.

📘 Note

Make sure you add the bot to all channels that need to receive messages.

Slack private messages

You can choose to receive notifications from Stemma as Slack private messages. To receive messages from the bot, you need to add the Stemma application to your Slack configuration.

Click **Browse apps** in the **Apps** section located on the bottom-left side of the screen
Click Browse apps in the Apps section located on the bottom-left side of the screen
Select the **Stemma** app from the list.
Select the Stemma app from the list.

📘 Note

To modify your preferred notification method, contact your Stemma representative.

User groups

Each group contains a list of users and teams (Slack channels). In Stemma there are four different types of user groups related to a table:

  • Owners of the table
  • Owners of dashboards using the table
  • Owners of derived tables
  • Frequent users of the table

Stemma will only show the options that apply to the given asset. For example, if a user is sending a custom message for a table that does not have any downstream lineage there will not be an option for Owners of derived tables.