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JIRA Integration

Estimated reading: 2 minutes

This document walks you through the steps you need to take to integrate Stemma with your JIRA installation. You must be a JIRA Admin to do this.


Step 1 – Collect information about your JIRA environment

Collect the following information to provide to Stemma (see Step 3):

  • The URL for your JIRA environment (e.g., <>)
  • The project ID for the JIRA project you would like Stemma to create tickets in
    See this page for guidance from Atlassian on how to obtain the project ID for a JIRA project
  • If using JIRA Server or Cloud, the ID for the JIRA Bug issue type
    • Note: Skip this step if using JIRA on-premise
    • See this page for guidance from Atlassian on how to obtain the ID for the Bug issue type
  • Optional: The name of one or more labels you would like set on tickets created by Stemma

Step 2 – Create a service account

Stemma will need an email and API token to authenticate to your JIRA environment. Our recommendation is to create a JIRA service account so that the authentication is not tied to an actual user’s account.
a. Go to Administration > User management > Users
b. Click Create User and fill out the required information
c. Create an API token from the service account

  • For JIRA cloud see this page
  • For JIRA server see this page
  • For JIRA on-premise this feature is not currently supported so you will provide the password instead

d. Grant permission to the service account

  • The service account will minimally need access to create and view tickets in the JIRA project you intend to use
  • You can either grant permissions directly to the service account or you can grant the service account a role

Stemma needs:

  • The email address of the service account
  • The API token or password

See Step 3.

Step 3 – Provide the information to Stemma

Provide the information from Steps 1 and 2 to Stemma by email or Slack.

Linking JIRA Issues to Stemma

To link a JIRA issue to a table in the Stemma catalog, you need to include a Table Key tag in the issue description. The tag format is Table Key: {SOURCE}://{DATABASE}.{SCHEMA}/{TABLE} [PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE].