Google OIDC Integration

Estimated reading: 1 minute

This document walks you through the steps to create and configure a Google OIDC application that Stemma can use to authenticate users.

Note: You must be a Google administrator to do this.


  1. Log in to Google Developer Console
  2. On the left, select Credentials
  3. Select + CREATE CREDENTIALS at the top


  1. Select “OAuth Client ID”


  1. Enter the following information:
  • Application type: Web application
  • Name: You can choose the name; we suggest “Stemma OIDC” as a descriptive example
  • Authorized JavaScript origins: This must be “
    • Replace your-company with the correct value from your Stemma domain
    • If you have a custom domain name for Stemma, use that value here
  • Authorized redirect URIs: Provide the following URLs; make sure you replace your-company with the proper value:


  1. Select Create at the bottom.


  1. Download the Client ID and Client Secret JSON file and provide them to Stemma by email or Slack.