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Getting Started

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What is Stemma?

Stemma is a data catalog built for users of the modern data stack. It uses automation and workflow integration to help data owners get documentation into the catalog, while making it easy for end users to discover and trust data.

Tools for the Data Team to Document Data

Auto-generated metadata handles basic stewardship so no asset starts blank. Data that is automatically generated includes:

Slack integration to capture context where and when it is expressed

WYSIWYG editor to easily annotate assets with text, images, and existing docs

Tools for Analysts to Find Data

Track data lineage in the Lineage Graph

  • Focus mode
  • Column filtering

Explore and contribute to the Glossary

Browse tables:

  • By source type
  • By tags

Search and filter for columns in Advanced Search

Tools To Keep Data Owners in Contact with Users

How to be Successful with Stemma

Kickstart documentation with automated data stewardship

Manage data changes with advanced lineage tools

Enhance existing user workflows by integrating the tools you already use